Naga smiles to the world

The government site of Naga, Philippines has a nice graphic to promote their “Naga smiles to the world” tourism campaign. It’s great to see an “official” use of the script. It would be great to see all government campaigns and seals with Baybayin.

2 thoughts on “Naga smiles to the world

  1. Great idea—it should start with the Philippine Presidential Seal. Right now the animal on the seal is a merlion taken from the coat of arms of Manila—”manila tayo” = “let us prey.” Some Visayans are still smarting from the choice of Manila Tagalog as ‘Filipino-da-national-language” heheheh.

    It would be great seeing all the pinoy seals with baybayin on one page. I can think of the logo for the National Museum ( and the province of Leyte (

    • not to worry about. if we just start to use baybayin, common terms between bisayan and tagalog can emphasized.

      not only that, small differences will be eliminated like when we say tolong or tulong, ito ay pwiding pwede na rin without the laugh that previously went with it.

      students are learning it now!

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