Baybayin Plus iOS app (iPhone & iPad)

A new Baybayin iOS app hit the App Store today called Baybayin Plus (link to Appstore). Here’s a description:

“Created to relive the ancient Filipino scripts used in the Philippines before Spanish Colonization. Support Filipino history, keep our ancient scripts alive.”

Developed by Marlon Jose Masbad. A Google search shows him as a developer from Singapore.

There are 3 parts:

1) Home: Main page intro
2) Translator: Enter your word and the output breaks it down
3) Guide: List of the characters with some information

It appears to be based on the very popular Eagles Corner translator. Notice the use of Paul Morrow‘s fonts.

What I find interesting is the note:

For better results convert non-Filipino words to its local equivalent first. Salamat..

What he’s trying to avoid or tell the users is that you shouldn’t enter “Strength” and expect it to output correctly. It’s a problem all “translation” applications have, including my own Baybayin App. Trying to guide end users without personal presence has always been a challenge. Ideally, the user should do research on their own but due to laziness the lack or minimal resources they will not. Is it up to developers to show them the door and let them walk in or do we need to carry them?

I tried out the app on my iPad on IOS5 and the Baybayin characters don’t output. It also is sensitive to spaces.

This is FREE from the Appstore. Check it out

8 thoughts on “Baybayin Plus iOS app (iPhone & iPad)

  1. Hi This is Marlon, the developer of this app. I have already fixed the translator font issue. The next version should be able to display the Baybayin translation. I’m just waiting for Apple to release it. Thank you for making a blog about my app. Mabuhay kayo!

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