EVENT: Peace in the Park, San Francisco 8/23

This Saturday (8/23) I’ll be at the Peace in the Park festival in San Francisco, California. This will be a unique event where I’ll be teaching Baybayin and preFilipino culture to mostly non-Filipinos. You can also catch me do live art at my booth.

Check out peaceintheparksf.org for more info

Peace in the Park was first hosted in 2013 as one-time event by the Brahma Kumaris and their friends from over 30 years in the Bay Area. After the astounding success, people want to see it become an annual festival. The Brahma Kumaris teach meditation techniques to enter into a natural state of calm on a daily basis enhancing our ability to think more deeply, and feel greater empathy and live out our values in more authentic ways. Daily calm, clear thinking and value-based living can all positively impact our carrer path , relationship and well being.Our activities are Free of charge and orered via an extensive network of trained volunteers in 9000 locations around the world, right in the heart of communities.The Brahma Kumaris is an IRS tax exempt 501(c)3 non-goverment organization in genral status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and in consultative status with UNICEF

In addition to the event, I took part of a free video workshop by PopExpert. It’s my first time doing something like this. Check it out here.

kristian kabuay christian cabuay

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