Baybayin on hot bodies

It’s summer and time to show off your tattoos and abs.  Here’s some work I’ve done for hot bodies.

Kat Longa (Playboy model)
She liked the look of modified Baybayin on her back even if I tried to get her to go with traditional. How could I say no? Below is a photo of her wrist that says Ate (sister).

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Baybayin translator v.1 now available

The online traditional Baybayin translator v.1version is now live for everyone. It’s easy to use, just enter your words and hit the TRANSLATE button. For best results, use the Firefox (free) browser. Remember this is only v.1 and there might be some bugs. (more info about the translator)

Supporting Baybayin tutorials

Contact me with any feedback or questions about this program. Salamat!


I ate at Jollibee the other day. The J character is not present in Baybayin. One technique to get the J sound is to combine characters. In the example below,  I use the DA & YA characters with kudlits making it DI-YO-LE-BE. One could have also used a combination of a vowel cancellation D & YA to get the sound. Depending on the word, the HA or even GA could be used.