Baybayin Alive

Perla Daly recently started a blog called Baybayin Alive discussing the idea that the script has deeper meaning.

I just recently started this blog which will be dedicated to sharing some of the deeper meanings of various baybayin symbols. Some meanings are quite old. Other interpretations are new. But it remains that the archetypal meanings of symbols can be timeless.

If you have the ability to think metaphorically or like an indigenous person, you can better come to understand the hidden meanings of the baybayin. You can readily develop the ability if you are open. This can be a small awakening, steps towards pagbabalikloob and decolonization

An interesting post is about the Ba character and how it relates to women. One source of these ideas is from G.E. Tolentino’s book,  “Ang Wika at ang Baybaying Tagalog” in 1937. In it, he describes the whole alphabet the the supposed meanings.