Question: What is the difference between traditional and modern Baybayin?
Answer: Traditional Baybayin follows the Consonant-Vowel structure meaning only consonants followed by a vowel will be shown in the writing. For lakas, traditional would be LA-KA and LA-KA-S would be modified.

Question: Can you translate my name?
Answer: Yes, please see PinoyTattoos.com/translations. If you don’t need a design, just email me.

Question: What is the difference between Baybayin and Alibata?
Answer: Alibata is an incorrect term when a professor back in the early 1900’s after the 1st 3 characters of the Arabic alphabet. The problem is that the script is rooted in rooted in India.

Question: Why do you use an X instead of a + for your cancellation kudlit?
Answer: I think it looks better and I don’t like the cross for the colonization aspect. The X also has more of a cancellation feel.

Question: Do you teach at workshops?
Answer: Yes. You can catch me during at the spring/summer Filipino festivals in the San Francisco Bay area. Email me at info(at)baybayin.com if your school, org, business and etc would like a workshop.

Question: What’s your style of Baybayin?
Answer: Influence by brush styles, minimal…I try to keep the essence of the original script but keeping an open mind for progressive styles.

Question: Is this your full-time job? What do you do in real-life?
Answer: Nope, I would starve. It’s just a part-time thing. I’m a business analyst and new media consultant during the day.

Question: Why do you use or say Alphabet sometimes when Baybayin is a syllabary?
Answer: When talking to people who don’t know the script, I use descriptions that they are used to at 1st in order not to overwhelm them. If you throw all these technical terms at them, they will get confused.

Question: Who the F*ck made you a professor?
Answer: Nobody…..anyone can learn it and do as they wish with the script. Go for it.

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