Filipino Alibata Katipunan Fitted T-Shirt

Filipino Alibata Katipunan Fitted T-Shirt
I noticed this “Filipino Alibata Katipunan” being sold via CafePress. Couple problems with this shirt….1) It’s Baybayin, not Alibata. 2) The Katipunan used “KA”, not “KE” or “KI”. and 3) Isn’t brotherhood kapatiran?

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5 thoughts on “Filipino Alibata Katipunan Fitted T-Shirt

  1. Does it really matter? …. the whole point is to be as one in a brotherhood, how about congratulating the effort?….

  2. @Adam: If it was just writing in a notebook for kicks, no problem. When you make it a business and a cultural product, it matters a lot. Not just from the obvious writing aspect but for the customer as well. We are all adults here. Call it out and make adjustments. No need to butter things up.

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