Baybayin on American TV show Burn Notice

I think it’s a given that Baybayin will certainly gain exposure in 2011 with several projects like the Baybayin keyboard and my documentary but just this week, we have the new Peso bills and this American TV show.

On the 12/16 episode of Burn Notice (Season 4 episode 17: Out of the Fire), Baybayin was shown on explosives.

The context is that this guy wants to blow something up but have the authorities think it’s Filipinos from Manila. Pretty funny stuff. He has an instruction manual that has some Baybayin on it and the guy says, “I know you want to frame some guys in Manila but I don’t read Tagalog”. I couldn’t make out any of the words. Could just be random garbage.

It looks like the Baybayin is incorrect on the explosives. You can see in one of the photos below, there are no kudlits. One common mistake is to forget that each consonant already has an inherent vowel. Adding a vowel after it would be redundant.

I think one of the words is supposed to say Patok. The longer word looks like it has the following characters: Pa-Nga-Ya-Na-e/i. I think the Nga is supposed to be N but when you type a capital N, it outputs the Nga. The last photo has the A & E/I characters. Anyone have any guesses?

You can watch the whole dumb episode here. Forward to about 18 minutes. Be patient as there are a few annoying commercials. The female lead is hot though.

Poor Paul Morrow, 1 day he get’s the prestige of having his fonts on the new Philippine Peso bills and the very next day his work is on some crappy show that doesn’t do enough research.

Thanks to Nathan DjHyped Partida from PSTGear for the tip

5 thoughts on “Baybayin on American TV show Burn Notice

  1. I think, because it’s about explosives, “patok” could also mean “putok’ which means explode.
    I don’t have any idea on the second one though 🙂

  2. Burn Notice is not a dumb show. You should watch the whole series. It’s great. However, that “framing some guys in manila” part was carelessly researched, though. I was laughing about it the whole time. 🙂

  3. yeah, because all “those guys” up to no good down in manila write in baybayin ;p
    it’s a tv show, so can’t take it too seriously now can we 🙂

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