EVENT: San Francisco State University lecture 10/25

If you go to San Francisco State University, I’ll conduct a lecture/workshop coordinated by PACE. I’ll be trying something different than what I’ve been doing the past 2 years lecturing. This new format is based on my experience and self realization at the Asian Art Museum event this past weekend.

Contact PACE for more info

EVENT: SF State 3-/28 – The Purpose of Baybayin

3/28/12, I’ll be back at San Francisco State giving a lecture on Baybayin. Last year, I ran through my Baybayin School course but this year, I’ll try something different.

One of the biggest questions we need to answer as practitioners is – What is the benefit and purpose? The focus of this talk will be the benefits of Baybayin for: Self Identity, Cultural Preservation, and Promotion for Economic gain.

For all you SF State students, it all happens at 5:30PM 3/28 @ Pace office @ the Cesar Chavez center. Contact Pace for more info