Baybayin Live

Baybayin Live
In 2013, I’ll be focusing more on speaking and live demonstrations rather than vending opportunities. To promote the advancement of Baybayin, I setup a page called Baybayin Live that outlines some of the activities I can do for potential organizations.

Here’s some info:

I’ve spoken at universities and organizations including Stanford, Berkeley, SF State, Davis, Asian Art Museum, University of the Philippines and the San Francisco Philippine Consulate. Available world wide. Below are some of the activities I do.

An Introduction to Baybayin is a flagship 60-90 minute presentation covers is targeted towards those unfamiliar with Philippine writing systems.

– What’s the history of the script?
– What is the connection with India?
– What are the of the reasons it became nearly extinct?
– Who still writes it?
– What is the current state of Baybayin?
– What are the benefits of using Baybayin?
– What are some of the revival issues?

Check it out

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