Music, Baybayin Art & the Dancing Lolo

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to do live chalk art at the tourist filled Union Square in San Francisco. It was a Filam music and art event put on by Kularts. What makes this significant is that Baybayin was seen by thousands of people all over the world. They now know that Filipinos have a writing system.

I did 2 pieces. 1 was the lyrics to Bawat Bata by Apo Hiking Society and a proverb “Kapag walang tiyaga, walang nilaga”. After I completed the Baybayin art, the public was invited to add to my artwork.

Music by Cassandra Farrar and character mural by Paolo Salazar.

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Here’s an example of a series I’ve ben working on for about a year that incorporates my calligraphy brush style with familiar fonts.

This was posted yesterday by Don Toledano. Looks like it’s Baybayin projected on the side of the building. Anyone know about this?


Bahala Na longboard – Coming soon

Coming soon, a fresh longboard from a Filipino American skateboard company Kuya Longboards. The Baybayin reads “Bahala Na” wich is perfect for skateboarders. I grew up skating and had a few injuries with the Bahala Na attitude. While my Bahala Na attitude towards skateboarding has changed with age, I still do some cruising around with longboard. Maybe when I get my Kuya Longboard, I’ll try this….

It's more fun in the Philippines

Just came from the 2nd annual Kulinarya event put together by the Philippine Department of Tourism and Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco. To promote the Philippines, the new slogan “It’s more fun in the Philippines” was all over the place. It inspired me to quickly make a Baybayin version saying “Mas masaya sa Pilipinas”.

Feel free to pass it around. With this already so recognizable to Filipinos, this image will help people learn Baybayin. You can download a high-res version on my Baybayin Facebook page

Here’s the original

Pistahan recap – Live Art, Jose Rizal, Baybayin School and toys!

Once again, Malaya Designs and promoted Baybayin for 2 days during the Pistahan festival in San Francisco.

Great weekend for us and the Filipino community. We held the 1st Filipino themed custom toy show in the US (I believe), did multimedia presentations on Jose Rizal’s Baybayin hardwriting, Baybayin School module presentation, Ray was burning bamboo live, painting, scribbling and good ‘ole conversations.

Also as usual, FREE “translations” galore

Cultural Artist to begin Art Exhibition at Bay Area Art Gallery

Linen Life Gallery is proud to present artist, Christine Balza. The reception will be held on January 23, 2011 at 6 – 9 pm at, 770 East Fourteenth Street Downtown San Leandro, CA and is free and open to the public
Christine Balza’s mixed media on canvas, ceramic, and jewelry, amongst others, expresses her Filipino-American experiences. Inspired by a long, lost script, Baybayin, Christine brings ancient expressions forward to modern day.

Baybayin script is a writing system not actively used since the 1800’s. The pre-Spanish symbols were used for commerce, a means of messaging neighboring villages of current events and can be dated as far back as 900ad. Baybayin lost favor to Roman alphabet and eventually was considered obsolete. Christine Balza use of art to awaken others curiosity to little known cultural traditions and follows up with workshops and seminars (TBA) on the basic use of Baybayin. She has been interviewed by Sharon Chin of CBS-5 and Henni Espinosa of Balitang America, TFC

*Biography and photographs of Christine Balza and her art work are available upon request.

Linen Life Gallery is located 770 East Fourteenth Street Downtown San Leandro, CA and has been nominated for a “Shine a Light Award.” Owner, Darrell F. Robinson has relocated the gallery from Emeryville, CA to its current address.

Christine Balza of Dublin, CA is available for interview. Please contact email