Itinaga sa Bato – GMA iWitness

Baybayin was again featured in GMA’s iWitness with Howie Severino featuring the controversial Ticao Stone  aka Rizal Stone. You may remember that a stone was found with Baybayin carved on it. I 1st posted this back in June asking opinions if the stone is real or not.

GMA news is reporting that a stone was found in Masbate with Baybayin. If it turns out to be real, it will be the 1st artifact that clearly has our writing system on it.

Since then, there’s been a lot of back and forth dialog leading to a conference in Masbate on Aug5-6.

Check out the whole episode that aired last night.

The interesting part is when Howie visited the Amaya set and asked Vic Villan, a history professor from UP, if there was a connection with Baybayin and the designs we used on furniture. Check it out at 5:12

It was a good exposure for Baybayin but as you can tell by the teachers who attended a talk, there is some hesitance. After watching it, I wanted more. There needs to be a follow-up. What do you think?