EVENT: New Traditions – Asian Art Museum 10/19-21

I’m proud to announce my Filipino Calligraphy event at the San Francisco Asian Art Museum on October 19 to 21, 12-4pm. Joining me with be Japanese calligraphic performer, Aoi Yamaguchi. In the 4 hours, Aoi and I will collaborate on a large piece writing a poem and saying in our own languages, conduct a lecture about our work and a workshop.

The collaboration between Baybayin (pre-Spanish Filipino script) artist Christian Cabuay and calligraphic performer Aoi Yamaguchi demonstrates the history and culture of Japan and the Philippines. Cabuay and Yamaguchi explore the differences and similarities of their art and struggle. By embracing traditions, rituals, and roots, they are pushing the boundaries and creating something anew, integrating international cultural ideas, styles, and forms. Meaning “beginning/origin” in Tagalog and Japanese, Simula and Gen symbolize the artists asserting identity through their calligraphy traditions.

Asian Art Museum
Chong-Moon Lee Center
for Asian Art & Culture

200 Larkin Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
T 415.581.3500
F 415.581.4700

Nonito Donaire's missed opportunity

Just finished watching Donaire’s fight and got a good photo of his headband. During his walkout, I got excited and thought it was Baybayin and hoping it was right. To my disappointment, it wasn’t. Couple people on Facebook and Twitter pointed out that it’s Japanese.

I assume it’s either from his training camp or a sponsor but I doubt it. I just hope it’s nothing like “Warrior” or something could’ve been done in Baybayin. Missed opportunity that could’ve given the script exposure to millions. We are still looking for a Francis M…..

Anyone know what it says?