EVENT: Baybayin signing – Adobo Festival, Vallejo – July 10

Last minute Baybayin signing event at the Adobo Festival in Vallejo, California July 10.

I’ll be at the GMA Pinoy TV booth representing the upcoming show Power ng Pinoy launching in September 2011 in GMA Pinoy TV USA. I was recently featured in an episode about my Baybayin work. Check out the trailer on Facebook.

I’ll be doing FREE Baybayin name translations at around 1PM until I run out of material. I will also be having Twitter and Facebook contests so be sure to FOLLOW and LIKE to win prizes.

Adobo Festival website

Other events coming up are Pistahan in August, LA in September and Oakland in November. I’ll post more info soon

One thought on “EVENT: Baybayin signing – Adobo Festival, Vallejo – July 10

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